The Editor

 viola-6     Hello! I am Viola and I am the editor of this blog (now also a co-editor of the IPowL blog). I have a law degree and a PhD thesis in law & economics (now published as a book) as well as an interest in food-related scientific news. When I narrowed down my PhD topic to the breeding exemption to patent rights, all my interests combined in one. I remember saying to one of my supervisors that the PhD was a challenge for me. Besides law, I knew almost nothing about patents, plant breeding or economics. But I had an insatiable curiosity and as always, the willpower to learn and improve. The challenge revealed to be a beautiful progress not only of my understanding of patent rights and plant variety protection, but also of many life mechanisms. I obained my PhD title in July 2014 but I am aware that knowledge is endless and constant work is required to master the topic.

When I am not busy reading about PVP, I spend my time cooking varieties, reading, dancing, training, long walks in the nature, and chatting with my good friends. My childhood friend, Eldi, deserves to be mentioned for patiently supporting me while creating this blog.

If you have comments, critics, ideas on how to improve this blog or you like to further this project together, please contact me below:


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