Relevant papers in the field (listed in chronological order).

  • Matthew Kennedy, Export Restrictions in Plant Breeder’s Rights, (2018) Journal of International Economic Law

  • Viola Prifti, An Answer to the Plant Variety Controversy in Chile (2016) 19 (5-6) JWIP

  • Viola Prifti, Understanding the Farmers’ Privilege in Monsanto Laws

  • Carlos Correa (w. S. Shashikant & F. Meienberg), Plant Variety Protection in Developing Countries. A Tool for Designing a Sui Generis Plant Variety Protection System: An Alternative to UPOV 1991, APREBES 2015.

Available in EnglishSpanish, & French

  • Hans Morten Haugen, Inappropriate Processes and Unbalanced Outcomes: Plant Variety Protection in Africa Goes Beyond UPOV 1991 Requirements (2015) 18 (5) JWIP.

  • Chidi Oguamanam, Breeding Apples for Oranges: Africa´s Misplaced Priority Over Plant Breeder’s Righs (2015) 18 (5) JWIP

  • Bram de Jonge and Peter Munyi, A Differentiated Approach to Plant Variety Protection in Africa, June 2015

  • Peter Munyi and Bram de Jonge, Seed Systems Support in Kenya: Consideration for an Integrated Seed Sector Development Approach (2015) 8 (2) Journal of Sustainable Development.

Open access: JSD Article

  • Peter Munyi, Plant Variety Protection Regime in Relation to Relevant International Obligations: Implications for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya (2015) 18 (1-2) JWIP


  •  Bram de Jonge, Plant Variety Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Balancing Commercial and Smallholder Farmers’ Interests (2014) 7 (3) Journal of Politics & Law

Open Access:

  • Viola Prifti, The Breeding Exemption in Patent Law: Analysis of Compliance with Article 30 of the TRIPS Agreement (2013) 16 (5-6) Journal of World Intellectual Property

  • Daryl Lim, Self-Replicating Technologies and the Challenge for the Patent and Antitrust Laws (2013) 32 (1) Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal

  • Graham Dutfield, Food, Biological Diversity and Intellectual Property: The Role of UPOV (2009) QUNO Global Economic Issue Publications, IP Issue Paper No. 9

  • Laurence R. Helfer, The Demise and the Rebirth of Plant Variety Protection: A Comment on Technological Change and the Design of Plant Variety Protection Regimes (2007) 82 Chicago-Kent Law Review

  • Mark D. Janis & Stephen Smith, Technological Change and the Design of Plant Variety Protection Regimes (2007) Maurer School of Law, Indiana University

  • Geertrui Van Overwalle, Patent Protection for Plants: A Comparison of American and European Approaches (1999) IDEA-Journal of Law & Technology


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